A new version of the game Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is still one of the most popular games that the big majority of us have played at least once on our smart devices. This game is for certain one of the best games for those who are bored or simply want to fill their free time with something fun and relaxing that doesn’t require too much physical effort. Playing this game you can relax by “cutting” fruits – it sounds fun, but this is the reality and it may also sound boring, but in fact it is one of the most addictive games on the market.

This game has been launched for the first time in 2010 on IOS and Android and since then it has huge success mainly because the game has a simple concept – to move your finger across the screen to cut a variety of fruits from the ordinary to the exotic ones. This game has created a very competitive community due to the scores that can be “knocked down” every day.

Halfbrick Studios has announced a quite interesting thing not too long ago. Due to the success they have registered with this game that will remake it, “reborn” it by adapting it to the new technology involving virtual reality.

From the first information, it seems that the game will be available with all platforms like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google daydream, but also on the new PlayStation BR who has appeared recently in this world of virtual reality.

The game will not contain many new things, there will be the three ways with which we are already accustomed: Zen mode, Classic mode and Arcade mode that exist in the original game. This new game will come with added modes like PVP where two players are connected by two units of virtual reality and they will be able to compete with each other and see which one can chop more fruits. (Okay, I need to admit that this news is more than great for me since I am a great fan of the game).

Adam Wood, the product manager of Fruit Ninja VR said that with the launch of virtual reality technology it felt like there was no games more suitable for it than Fruit Ninja. Its simplicity is perfect for creating an unforgettable experience in this world of virtual reality. And I need to say that I totally agree with him and I can’t wait to play this new game.

Formula 1 – 2012 game

You may wonder why I have chosen to talk about this game that has a couple of years behind, but in fact I personally think that this game is one of the best.

This game is characterized by an unprecedented realism, and for this reason it can be said that this game is addressed rather to horsepower racing fans. However, F1 2012 offers a various range of possibilities for assisting the driving, so the machine can be controlled more easily by those players less experienced.

Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button and Michael Schumacher are licensed characters that must be defeated in the new Champions Mode, a very interesting addition of the series.

The introduction in this game is pretty simple: you will have to pass a series of tests on the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi, which in reality is used by Formula 1 teams to test the recruitment of young pilots. These tests are designed to familiarize the players with the controls and basic concepts of an F1 race, as tire choice, cornering or using KERS and DRS systems.

This tutorial, though useful, can prove to be quite boring for the less patient, because it takes quite long – depending on player skills, it can actually take from 20 minutes to a whole hour – and is prevented in a manner not so attractive. Moreover, mistakes are punished severely, requiring retest from scratch. If you get bored, I have a pretty good suggestion for you, here is a list with no cost casinos that have pretty interesting and fun F1 slots.

Further, we have to choose between the modes; Career, Season Challenge, Champions Mode. Unfortunately, there is a Grand Prix, so any way apart from Quick Race Player must be played with your character, not known by the name in the sports world.

From the graphical standpoint, F1 2012 looks great. The cars are beautiful modeled, the tracks, the weather effects are realistic and the little visual details that matter to fans of F1 are also there – the wheels are filled with grass or sand as if the car skids and parts of the car body vibrate by unevenness runway. The sound will also please any lover of car racing. Engine sounds sensational and environment (passing through an area with reverberation, for example) can radically change the way they are heard. During the racing, the team will give you indication and all of they are recommended to be taken into account.

F1 2012 is a game very well designed with a great realism. It’s the kind of game that I would totally recommend.


Might & Magic Heroes VI – good strategy game

Might & Magic Heroes VI, the well-known series is in a new phase, one that is possible that the veterans to deny and casual gamers to appreciate it. In other terms, we are dealing with the story of an entire generation of Griffin dynasty, the human leaders of realm of Ashan.

In the foreground there are five major campaigns, plus a final one in which the players has the opportunity to play the end alignment of the hero – Blood or Tears, bad or good). The story is not very complex or deep, but it has its surprising moments.

Looking at things in detail, however, many things have been simplified, perhaps with the idea of attracting the current generation: we have now only four resources (wood, stone, gold, crystal), not seven: the control of the castle or fort implies automatic control over the mines already conquered; every castle has a teleporter that can be converted in one of your races using only modest resources; any hero can be revived from the Hall of Heroes; troops can be recruited from your castle without the need to visit them individually. All these modifications, apparently minor, have already sparked thunderstorms among veterans of the series that are unhappy with the fact that now you will have to calculate all your moves very carefully if you want to have the evolution that you want.

Heroes have now a moral evolution, the better – Tears or bad – Blood. Depending on your choice, your reputation will grow and you will receive special abilities, and every 10 levels you can change and so it will be pretty easy to analyze the alternatives. The morality, along with the trend towards power (Might) or magic (Magic) result in varying classes of heroes, which inherently will lead to several types of skills, some of them unique to the chosen breed.

Obviously, the most interesting part should be fighting. However, here stick his tail AI, which has inexplicably bizarre leaps between levels of aggression and a total indifference to the fate of his castles. Even so, mechanics is rooted in place, and troops have higher level of skills, limited on number of uses, but can really make a difference between winning and recharging salvation. Yet, depending on the development of the hero, his skills and magic, plus player style, each will proceed as it see it’s better to be a winner, so I can give you an absolute recipe to success.

The game play has remained faithful to the original concept turn based strategy type, at least on the surface. On the map, the hero travels through mountains, forests, through underground or water, collecting objects and resources to develop the castle and army. Battles take place in separate views on a grid like a chessboard, where the monsters hit on a row and the hero participates indirectly with a magic sword.

The multiplayer component called Conflux comes with a number of elements designed to encourage the participation online: your dynasty can increase the level, accumulate points, can create heroes from scratch and can be purchased all sorts of bonuses from the Altar of Wishes.

In big lines, Might & Magic Heroes Vi is a good game and most certainly one that I would recommend for you to play.